Artificial Intelligence as the name suggests is termed to be one of the hottest trends in digital marketing currently. However, AI technology advances quickly for marketers to assess the implementation for improving engaging and learning from customers.

One of the chat from twitter handles is that #SMTlive Twitter chat one can discuss the state of AI what to see in the next few years with positive and negative impact in the emerging technologies of the digital marketing world.

How are marketers being affected by AI today?

Content marketing one of the most used terms has no-brainer having been done right with the union of content and marketing do wonder for any brand. Content marketing, however, a well-calibrated technique with a method to be leveraged to distribute insightful, actionable content. Thus the target group performs an action which is not easy for learning a new thing with enough evidence with the suggestion of the idea of making intelligent artificial entities from the 14th Century.

Key challenges of Artificial Intelligence:

There are several key challenges which one can realize Artificial Intelligence to include,
1. Missing and disparate data
2. Complexity challenges
3. Time and energy limitations
4. The skills gap



The expectation strategies include looking out AI technologies advances Machine Learning, where the neural network with the kind of algorithms continue to grow larger computing power increases with learning more difficult tasks.

Eight insights which shape the business strategy to include:

There are 8 insights to shape for business strategy and they are as follows.
1. Artificial Intelligence will impact employers before it impacts employment
2. AI will come down to earth – and get to work
3. AI will help answer the big question about data
4. Functional specialists, not techies, will decide the AI talent race
5. Cyber attacks will be more powerful because of AI – but so will cyber defense
6. Nations will spare over AI
7. Pressure for responsible AI won’t be on the tech companies alone

5 components of artificial intelligence:

There are five components providing significant opportunities includes:

1. Marketing Channel
2. Targeting
3. Placements
4. Creative
5. Pricing

There are five ways of Artificial Intelligence can positively Impact your Marketing Strategy.

1. It helps you know your customers better
2. It takes search engine algorithms to a new level
3. It allows related recommendations and suggestions
4. It amps up cybersecurity
5. It helps with content generation


Thus AI impacts marketer worth of talking. Having been said this, there is a language facilitation which recognizes and also analyzes emails which comes inbound and takes actions accordingly. However, due to these, marketers understand better the past behaviours.

Therefore they assist the filtering of emails which tends to be disqualified.
Chatbots are the future of user input on mobile where AI in marketing leads smarter ads, sentiments and, emotions with search results and customer service. However, AI made its presence of a major player with a lot to offer with machine learning being its perks. Google implements machine learning with advertisements and recommendations. However, this is a high time for marketers to step toward doing the same.


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