The Philippines President Is A Public Kisser !


President Rodrigues Dutterte of the Philippines has presented this unique example of absurdity by passing beyond his absurd narrative. This is never expected by the person holding the constitutional position and a President. During a live show, he kissed a migrant worker on the hats, after which he is getting critical criticism.

This scandal happened in the country of South Korea, not him. He was giving a speech during a program and suddenly called a woman on the stage and gave a hint to be prepared for the kiss and then immediately did it, after which the group of Philippine workers present there started shouting. The Philippines’s main rights group, Gabriella, termed it “a feminist provincial gimmick”. Let’s say that anti-women Rodrigo has not done such a first raid.

This controversial incident took place when Dutterte was talking to the crowd of migrant workers of Philippines (OFW) in Seoul. Two Filipinos women were called on the forum to get a free copy of the book from the President. This is the same President Janab, who had issued a decree that he would be shot dead by the drug addict, after which the International Criminal Court had on him.

In fact, the Philippines is a country that calls itself cultural, but it is a remnant of anti-British anti-British thinking. Only then will you find all single mother Philippines women on social media, who are forced to sell themselves for only a few pennies or for their children. It is because their men leave hunger, unemployment, or helpless after fulfilling their lust, which is the land of this slum area. Mr. reality and President Rodrigo Duterte is the mastermind |





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