The native terrorists

  • Tarun Rajput

Being patriotic in nature, it becomes my duty to counter every critic that intends to damage the dignity of my country. But it makes no sense that we reiterate Pakistan policy of housing terrorists while refusing to accept our failure that eventually let the naxalism to pose a terrorist- like threat to the country’s internal security.

It is quite embarrassing to be under the shelter of a defence mechanism that is more leaned towards preventing external aggressions while inviting internal forces to penetrate the countries stability.

Keeping them survive.

In the times of episodes, when the country is bearing the loss of so many security personnel in mass killing, it becomes mandatory to drag all those reasons under a light that have participated in promoting the growth of forces like naxalism.

It is not a far-fetched truth that Naxalism is a product of immense rage and rebellion nurtured under the blanket for years. Its growth is strategically planned in many ways first it had swept those corners of society that abounds an unprivileged population second it became morally enabled to take up arms for opposing the government policy of curtailing basic rights such as Land ownership. However, the government has also actively helped them to survive for such a long period of time. The government failed to percept its danger in the times of its very rise and act innocently. It does not abandon its neutral attitude despite the loss of hundreds of security personnel in times of retaliation.

No more regrets.

We have now arrived at a situation where we need to explore a prompt solution to this problem. Now it is a time for strategic planning that could stall the growth of such forces and take them to their ultimate end.


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