The living “curses”


Dvaraka: the city under water

Gandhari, the mother of Kauravas was enraged by the death of her hundred sons in the Mahabharat war as conspired by Lord Krishna. She cursed his clan to destruction and destined his kingdom to submerge under water. Years after the Mahabharat war the ocean laid siege over the sacred land and it drowned to its cursed fate. This astonishing mythology story met the ends of history while excavation was made on the seabed adjustment to Gujarat coast in recent times. Archaeologists did speak about remains which can be related to the city of Krishna!

Source: Vedic books

A Brahma temple?

Brahma is believed to be the creator of the world, of a vibrant mankind and the aesthetic world it resides. Despite all his endowments to our existence today, why isn’t he widely worshiped? Can you reason behind just six temples of Lord Brahma in the country? Well, an age-old legend does gives us an answer to this.

It is believed that when Lord Shiva interfered to judge the superiority conflict between Brahma and Vishnu. He took his lingam form and asked both of them to reach his end. The lingam stretched out to heaven above and neither beneath. Realizing the maneuver of Lord Shiva in this. Both the competitors accepted his supremacy. However Brahma while ascending back above met the flower keyaki and convinced it to lie for him. When keyaki lied to Lord Shiva about Brahma reaching the above end of his lingam form, he was outraged with this reckless effort. In the fit of anger, Lord Shiva cursed Lord Brahma of Divinity that won’t is worshiped. Haven’t honesty always been the best policy?

Source: Wikipedia

The curse to the immortal

Source: HariBhakt

Mahabharat again! Everyone of us has heard about the curse that summons perennial agony of ashwathama, the truly evil spirit in Mahabharat. He was cursed by Lord Krishna for killing the five innocent sons of Draupadi and trying to destroy the Pandavas’ lineage. He was cursed with the most draconian punishment to the evil that came with his immortality until the end of time, he would be guilty-stricken with all the evil deeds by mankind, he would be living with diseases praying for death which won’t ever come his way for as long as Kaliyuga must exist. With this Lord Krishna demanded the gem on his forehead that protected him against death and attacks creating a never-to-be-healed dent on his forehead.

An untrue scoop it sounds but what prickles your spine is the evidence of his existence. It is said that the Indian king Prithviraj Chauhan had an encounter with Ashwathama when he took shelter in the dense forests after fleeing from Mohammad Gauri. There are people who claim to have seen him in the dense forests of Gujarat, the tall unearthly man with a deep dent on the forehead.



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