The Legend is Back – Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

Tired of carrying those heavy power banks everywhere? Or searching for a charging socket where ever you go? Or the worse checking your phone’s screen every time it falls? So now no need of doing that. Most of yours’s first phone is back. Yes, Nokia 3310 is back with a bang. Do I even need to introduce it? I am sure all of you must remember the legendary game “Snake”. Missed it? Get ready to play it again.

I think that the new version of the Nokia 3310 is good in terms of its looks. 3310. It is thinner than its older counterpart.

Let’s talk about its advantages. Obviously, if you compare it with your iPhone 6s you will be disappointed. But as it is said “old is gold”, the same applies with this.

The new Nokia 3310’s 1,200mAh battery is good for an astonishing 22 hours of talk time.According to Nokia, that’s ten times better than the original, which typically lasted for a little more than two hours of talk-time. What else do you need? Now no worries! You can talk to your partner for long now. In stand-by mode, the battery will keep run up to 31 days.

Talk about the durability and no one can beat Nokia 3310. The only thing that lasts longer than its battery is its durability.  I wouldn’t be wrong say, the 3310 is impossible to kill.

Talking about some technicalities of the phone, it is a dual SIM phone. It has the 2.4-inch display, 2-megapixel camera with LED flash, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity option, 16 MB internal with external storage option of up to 32 GB. .Along with all these features, a SIM-limited phonebook of 250 contacts, predictive text input, 35 pre-loaded ringtones (and 7 slots for your own compositions), clock, stopwatch, timer, calculator and currency converter. It also includes slow-speed 2.5G internet.  That’s what this smart phone have.

OMG! So many plus points. But there is a negative one too. One thing I didn’t like about it was its price. I mean obviously Rs.3500 is not that much an amount to pay for a phone but for this phone, it is.

In today’s world where everyone is so obsessed with the smartphones, where people are going crazy over the superfast 4G network, can Nokia 3310 can make its way to people’s hearts? Will it be able to literally connect people? Let’s see.


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