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Daily soap is a part of the daily life of almost every individual. They are an essential part of our daily entertainment package. There are very few people whose day gets over without spending a few moments in front of the TV watching a show. In India, watching a daily soap is almost like a ritual. Whatever age group, whatever sex you may belong to, there is always a serial to suit your age, gender, mood and interest.

But with the changing time’s nature, quality and content of these shows are changing too. Today’s generation will find it very difficult to relate to the shows of the ’90s and may perhaps find them ‘funny’.

There are different types of shows that are produced for the TV. For example, the mythological shows. These shows were much more original and text-oriented in the yesteryears but now they are generally re-tellings of the old myths and stories from the perspective of either the scriptwriter, producer or the director. This changes the contents a lot. So, if we want to use the information we gather from these shows it won’t serve the purpose. The old shows will serve the purpose much better in such cases.

One of the dominant categories of Soaps that we witness on the TV today is the ‘saas-bahu’ ones. To me, those are meaningless and not at all realistic. Their sole purpose is to help the people pass their idle time. They show the portals of a kind of life which is never possible to come true in real life.

Next on my list comes the investigative and crime shows. Now, this is a genre which has become very popular in the recent times. But there are both pros and cons to them. It is true that they help us become aware of the dangers that lurk around us and goes unnoticed and helps us to remain prepared to face them. These shows also give us some general knowledge regarding what to do in potentially dangerous situations. But on the other hand, these shows also helps the criminal minded people by showing a detailed description of the crimes and the way the crimes are committed and the way of escapes for the guilty. Evaluating from this font we can say that such shows are both socially beneficial and anti-social.

These are only some of the examples of the kinds of daily soaps that I hand-picked from the entire mass. In the end, the only conclusion I reach is that the type of daily soaps will change according to the time and the society. There is much knowledge that we can gain from them but it can take us the wrong way too. So it entirely depends on us regarding what we choose to take from them and what we choose to leave behind. They are made with an intention of general entertainment and provides a source of livelihood to thousands of people of the country and we should always acknowledge and respect this fact.

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