The Future Of Human Beings


“Change is the only constant thing in this universe.”

The change is unpredictable though. We can easily brag about the future by mentioning the amazing upcoming technologies, the incredible artificial intelligence and what not. but of course, the future is unpredictable.

Still, the scientists assume things and warn us about the possibilities for our own good. Obviously, there are pros and cons to everything.

In future, man would either evolve into Homo Optimus or Homo futuris or both. Or maybe, from Homo sapiens to Homo futuris Optimus.

Homo futuris

If Homo sapiens evolve into Homo futuris, then according to Dr. Shapiro, about 10,000 years from now, the man of future would be taller with a hairless body. His head would be tomb like with a larger brain having a higher cranial capacity and fifth finger would be absent (our little finger is vestigial).

Homo optimus

Some say that the man would evolve into Homo Optimus by 2050. Now this species of man would be something like ‘half man and half machine’. Probably, we would be highly influenced by the Artificial intelligence. I personally don’t believe in this theory. The reason is simple. It isn’t possible for the evolution to occur in the next 32 years, that is so early!

Some theories also suggest that the Homo sapiens is the last evolution stage of man, as probably we would be on the verge of extinction in near future. They say that natural selection would not support our existence in the coming future.

But still, you never know.. Let’s see what happens the next!

The future of humans doesn’t seem to be so perfect. The scientific world would surely touch it’s peak, compromising with the humanity.

Day by day, the increasing length of the time would bring us closer to the horrifying death of the mankind.


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