The Environment in Danger. Are we killing it?


What is environment? According to Wikipedia, an environment is everything that surrounds us; both living and non-living. It is the surrounding in which we live. So it will not be wrong to say that our lives depend hugely on the quality of the environment we live in. The better the environment, the better our lives. But what is sad in this case is that we have failed to recognize the great significance and worth of our environment and take it for granted. Because of this, the quality of our environment has gradually degraded with time and now it has reached such a level that it is in grave danger. Many of the reasons that have to lead it towards its death are man-made.

Some of the greatest threats to our environment are –

1. Global warming 

The increase of the temperature of the earth due to various factors like the depletion of the ozone layer because of environmental pollution etc is at present one of the greatest threats to the environmental. It causes the melting of ice caps and glaciers which may someday cause great floods. The drastic climate change and an increase of heat that we all are experiencing is also a result of global warming.


2. Deforestation

The reckless cutting down and clearance of forest land for different reasons like setting up of new human settings, factories, plantations etc have led to other environmental problems like soil erosion, desertification, decrease on the oxygen content of the environment, loss of wildlife habitat etc. Deforestation also lends a helping hand to global warming.

3. Pollution

Environmental pollution can be of many types – air, water, sound soil pollution etc. Pollution, of whatever kind, is also a major danger to the environment as it damages the very core of the environment.

4. Loss of biodiversity 

The earth is known for its biodiversity. Different species live together on the earth to maintain a balance in the environment. But due to reasons like global warming, deforestation etc earth’s biodiversity is in danger. As we know each species have a role to play and the gradual depletion of the biodiversity can provide to be very dangerous to mankind’s future.

5. Population growth

The rate at which the world population is increasing today can also be stated as one of the dangers to environmental. The increasing population exerts a great pressure on the earth’s resources and becomes a bar in sustainable development. This, in turn, damages the environment a lot.

6. Oceanic dead zones

The increase in the discovery of the oceanic dead zones in the recent years proves that the aquatic environment is in grave danger too. Many man-made causes like water pollution, increased use of chemicals etc are said to be the reasons for this issue. The dead zones make it impossible for the survival of marine life which is not good for anyone.

Of all the threats to the environment listed above, humans are the major causes bringing the forth. Although many people have now come to their senses and are trying to combat the damages to the environment already caused by taking up different steps, I don’t think it is enough. As long as even a small fraction of the people of the world remains unaware of it and continues harming the environment, the efforts taken up by the others will become null and void. So the first step that we need to take is to spread awareness and make people join the mission of environmental conservation. Only then can we dream and hope about restoring a little bit of the environment that we already lost.



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