The “Enemy in her bed” as Angela Merkel politics facing fatigue under the dark shadow of her open refugee policy.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel open refuse policy now under open criticism, within her own political allies and supporters that could cost her especially in the upcoming state election of Bavaria in October.


The stigma of migrant crisis now really turning into ticking bomb for the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her own party to her own supports, who just fed with the Merkel overwhelming succor towards migrants. They believed Merkel kindness towards migrants is the main reason in shaping German borders into big shelters and refugee homes.

This distress coming very much from the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian (Bavaria is a state in south Germany)  party wing of the Merkel own ruling party Christian democratic union. This allies of both parties are always seen as the backbone of  German politics in post-world war era.

Now CSU taking the big stand against Merkel refugee policy and ready to utilize in the upcoming state elections in October, if the distress continues it may fall down the Merkel Government.

CSU continuously giving warnings to Merkel if she doesn’t come with the with strict and effective plans in handling the migrants they will take situation in their hands, like in the words of  Merkel own Interior Minister Horst Seehofer  who insists “Deutschland first” and he will order the police to start turning back the migrations in the borders also he said “if Europe can’t secure its own external border then Germany must protect its own frontier”, this the direct warning from CSU leadership to the Angela Merkel.

But Merkel political weakness also giving chances to new opponents to come in light anti-immigrant parties like Alternative for Germany, or Afd, this the party founded just four years ago in protest of Germany bailout to Greece, now becoming a serious contender in German politics.

In the last year general elections Afd emerged as third largest party in Bundestag’s ( German Parliament), And ready to snatch the CSU vote share in the upcoming Bavarian state election in October and it reflected in the starting polls also where CSU who ruled Bavaria for 4 decades now just getting only 34% of vote share, this shows how German people losing trust in Merkel and really want to rid of this migrants problem. Meanwhile, CSU now trying to bring back that trust of people on them, for this, they now echoing the nationalist upstart.

But even if Two sister parties that are Mekel CDU (Christian democratic union) and CSU (Christian socialist union) ready to negotiate the common solution and Merkel pass this hard time and remain in power till 2021 but the damaged is already done, next election likely put huge questions on her political existence, the European stage she dominated for so long is now collapsing beneath her.


Merkel the benign monarch is standing aside the new world leaders like Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Tayyip Edrogen, XI Jinping etc, they are the leaders whom going for the nationalist approach to the word-order politics.

Migrants crisis not making the problem for Merkel’s Germany but every much around Europe, like one is  Britain who already on it’s way out of EU, Italy already facing the rule of anti-European parties and Austria where far-right muscled into power. All over Europen distress putting a huge question mark on the future of existence of EU.

Merkel made many miscalculations in her career like openly declaring that over 1 million Muslim migrants is in Germany, tried to show how Germany is friendly with in handling these issues, she refuses to set limits, and without any hesitation fabled in public  “Wir schaffen das”–  “we can do it. This miscalculation barely squeezed by in the general elections in 2017.

Many world leaders despite struggling in domestic front but able make their name in foreign policy but that this not happened with Merkel, as she struggles in keeping the German foreign policy in good shape like all major Europen partners running out no one is ready to stand up with Merkel on refuse policy, from Paris, Vienna Warsaw to Budapest all opposed Merkel, she already had a hard time in relations with Donald Trump that was reflected in recent G7 summit in Quebec earlier this month.

Refugee crisis is now becoming the most intense issue in European Politics which pushing Europe into new possibilities in future, but for now especially EU have high hopes from Angela Merkel and want this distress in her domestic politics to end because EU very well aware Britain already has gone Itlay looking on the verge of going out the so, if Merkel don’t be there in Germany then this could put huge question mark on EU existence.



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