The Divine Love Story of Radha-Krishna


When Krishna was leaving for Mathura

The aura of Vrindavana filled with sorrow when the news of Krishna leaving the place spread like a wildfire in the forest. The Gopis and the Gopalas, in ultimate grief, surrounded the chariot in which their Krishna had to part from them so that they could stop him.

And there, for Radhika, who had her every moment spent with her Kanha, this was the time of separation. In the banks of Yamuna, it was only them, spending their last few hours with each other. Bathed and emerged in each others’ love, they shared those memories and made their divine love. They shared the extreme form of intimacy.. the unconditional love, and the Union of Two Souls. Yes, they were one. They cried for each other and made memories of their final togetherness, though they were together forever.

“Kanha, won’t you come back again?” Sobbed Radha. To which Krishna replied, “Radhe, our love is eternal. Even after I leave, we won’t ever separate.” Truly! Krishna lived in Radha’s vicinity and Radha lived in him. They lived in each other’s heart and for each other’s soul. Finally, they had to depart, though their souls never did. They had to sacrifice their love for the welfare of the human race, to restore the righteousness.

The Final Departure

After Krishna left Vrindavana, he killed Kansa, shifted the capital from Mathura to Dwarka; and hence was called as ‘Dwarikadheesha’. He never stepped back to Vrindavan and Radha’s life turned upside-down. Radha was forcefully married to a Yadav guy, while she still contemplated about Krishna. Her body fulfilled all her worldly duties and her household responsibilities.

During the last days of her life, she moved out of Vrindavana and reached Dwarka to see Krishna for the last time again. When she reached Dwarka, both of them expressed their silence to each other, no matter how hard the storms inside them struck their hearts.

Soon, Radha realized that the physical presence of Krishna did not affect her much, as she was affected without him. Hence, after a few days, she left Dwarka. Krishna felt her discomfort and went behind her. He knew that his beloved was about to leave this materialistic world.

Grabbing the weak old Radha in his arms, both of them got lost in their eyes and went into the flashback; how they met, how they danced, the Raas Leelas , how both of them teased each other, and everything.. a deep nostalgia. Krishna asked Radha for her last wish, to which she refused initially. But Krishna knew that Radha never demanded anything from him and it was her right to do so. Hence he insisted. To that, Radha asked him to play his flute for her, and there, he composed the most melodious tune ever for his love, and while she heard the divine tune by his soulmate, Radha’s soul bid adieu to her body and to all the materialistic illusions and emerged within her Kanha forever.

Krishna, after completing all her death rituals, broke his flute to throw its pieces into the bushes and went back to his kingdom to fulfill his duties and responsibilities to save the destruction of humanity.

Though we say, this was their last meeting, but in reality, this is how, both of them cherished their ached eternal love and ‘Radha-Krishna’, unified forever.


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