After Decision Came On Homosexuality, Karan Johar first congratulated this person


The Supreme Court has ended the long-standing debate over homosexuality. In its historic judgment, the court said that if two adults make a relationship with mutual consent then they will not be considered a crime. After this decision, there is a wave of happiness in the LGBT community. The Bollywood world has also welcomed this decision. Director-producer Karan Johar, fashion designer Rohit Verma and TV actress have also given their own reaction.

Karan Johar tweeted as soon as the decision came, “Historical decision! Today is very proud. Removing gay sex from the category of crime and removing section 377 (to some parts) is a big positive decision for equal rights and humanity. The country has got its oxygen again. ‘

Fashion designer Rohit Verma said, “After the verdict was decided by the Supreme Court, Jawahar called me and gave the first compliment. Along with them, many friends are calling. I believe that homosexuals should also allow weddings right now. Gay can be Best Parents. If marriages happen, many orphaned children will be adopted by many people. Our future will also be good.

Verma said, “Many people who are still living in a hidden, double and dysfunctional life are very good for them now. Media support, parents do acceptance, now we have become legal. Now is the celebration time. ‘

He said, ‘I saw a boy interview today, which came to the fore as soon as the decision came. He told his parents and he was supported by them. I believe there is no sexuality in love. Love is just love. God has created such a beautiful thing and I think everyone has the right to live their life according to their own. Life has the right to live with dignity, respect, and truth. ‘

When the media comes to talk to us, we should talk openly. We always say we live in independent India. But now we have got freedom in the right way. Many people will be against it too, but it does not matter. The decision has now come. We have wings. Now no one can stop us from flying.

TV Actress Yuvika Chaudhary responded on this matter, saying, “I am very happy, I congratulate all the people.” First of all, we are humans. Bollywood always respects the LGBT community and supports quite openly. ‘



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