The Cry of The Infants


The sanctity of motherhood is in danger when the mothers are questioned, just because nature has chosen them to nurture their infants. Deeply rooted, especially in the Indian society, where breastfeeding an infant is seen as a fault, that all the mothers have to commit. Not only the motherhood, even the infancy of a tot is being threatened.

But this little kid is fighting for all the mothers and their babies of the country. The 9 months old, Baby Avyaan, whose Noida based parents Neha Rastogi and Animesh Rastogi, lawyers in the Delhi High Court have filed a petition in his name.
“Avyaan is the sole driving force for me to file this petition. As a mother, I realized that his constitutional rights are being violated due to inactions of the state machinery. Therefore he is the petitioner in the case”, says Avyaan’s mother Mrs. Neha Rastogi.

Baby Avyaan with his grandmother

The initial mother’s milk for a baby is very important as it helps in the healthy growth of a child and has a vital role in the construction of the immune system. Hence, consumption of the mother’s milk is not only the basic need but also a fundamental right of a baby, which has been snatched by the Indian society.
“He will continue his crusade for the cause for the benefits of women and child despite the fact that he is on solid food.”

In a society where no one is ready to talk about this, Avyaan’s parents, Mr.and Mrs. Rastogi have raised their voices against the issue and are determined to bring the change in the country. They have emphasized the need to have breastfeeding rooms in flights, trains, and all the public places.

“After few months of the birth of avyaan, I realized that there are no facilities for feeding or changing room for women and infants at public places. Then I thought that I need to do something for other women and infants as I’m a lawyer. I strongly believe in enforcement of our fundamental rights therefore to serve the mankind PIL is the best way to get your rights.”

                                   -Neha Rastogi (Avyaan’s mother)

This is so disheartening that people actually judge and objectify a woman, just because of her breast, which is considered as a sexual organ, has to be visible while her child is being breastfed. Merely because few narrow-minded individuals cannot control their arousals and cannot see the feeding woman as a mother, the women are blamed for something which is natural and is not supposed to be blamed for.

But for sure, we are expecting the positive changes to happen. “Recently, after this PIL was filed, the Pune Corporation has installed feeding rooms on M.G Road in Pune. The government of India has even ordered the space for feeding rooms to be allocated in the bullet train project. We are hopeful about more such optimistic changes to happen in future”, says Avyaan’s father Mr. Animesh Rastogi.

As we are towards the end of the breastfeeding week, that ended on 7th August, let’s hope for the best to happen! Let’s hope, that not even a single toddler should be deprived of his/her needs. Let’s hope that no mother should be embarrassed to nurture her child. Let’s hope for the best! Yes, let’s hope for the best!



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