The Battle of Renaming Continues in India…


The bug of Hinduism or Hindutva has bitten the BJP too deeply and badly. Anything and everything they come across, they want to drag it into the folds of Hinduism and give it a Hindu flavour and colour. One field that the BJP is trying to impose this ideology of their is on names of places by renaming many of them.

In the recent time,s the BJP has changed one too many names of places. It is to be kept in mind that the names being changed are usually the Islamic sounding or originating ones. The BJP high command has already changed the names of many major cities and suggestions are spurting to change the names of some more.

This mindless and almost insane initiative is backed by and approved of by many rigid and orthodox Hindu minds, but on the other hand, it has also met with the reproach and opposition of many. Some such person who seems to be unhappy with the renaming policy is historian Irfan Habib.

Counter-attacking this name changing policy Habib said that if they change the names of the cities which have Islamic sounding or originating names, they should change the names of party members too. The issue arose when BJP party chief Amit Shah called for the renaming of Mughalsarai station. This immediately sparked debate. Historian Habib said: “Shah is a Farsi word, not Sanskrit. If they have to change names, they should change their own names first, and then change the names of cities”.

What reply the BJP comes with for this statement will be something to take notice of. But I completely agree with Mr. Irfan Habib. Every name has a meaning and a history attached to it. Just like we are sentimental about our own names, the name of a place has an emotional and sentimental significance for its residents. We can’t go on changing them in a boutique of madness and for some so-called religious ideology.

These guys need to wake up and go over our constitution which states that India is a secular country and everyone here has a right to equality. And if these people, our so-called leaders can’t uphold our constitution in its true meaning and I think it is high time they let go of their posts and positions and join an ashram. If they want to serve Hinduism so bad, let them become hermits and monks and spend the rest of their days preaching the name of God rather than dabbing in mindless politics.


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