The Advertisements That Are Purely Sexist


Sexist Ads! There are many advertisements that actually mislead the audience, for instance, those fairness creams’ advertisements. One such advertisement of a well-known fairness cream indirectly means, “Girl, you can’t get a job if you aren’t fair!”

And then there are advertisements which are purely sexists, for instance, all those deodorants’ advertisements. One such advertisement has crossed all the heights of sexist mentality.

•Man sprays the deodorant all over his body.
And that man with a huge hairy potbelly
instantly converts into a brawny glabrous

•A girl gives a man an orgasmic look.. just
because she sniffed his deodorant!
•On a beach, women literally run behind a
guy.. just because he sprayed the deo!

•Another man converts wholly into a walking
chocolate… The Chocolate Man! Ladies
literally (actually figuratively) lick and
bite him!


I think more than these ladies, this ‘Chocolaty Man’ will attract the kids. The government should grab him, decorate and wrap him to gift to the kids of an orphanage. Those kids will be the happiest one and the company will earn some virtue.

•And the funniest part is when even the Goddesses and angels fall for the man with the aroma of his deodorant from that particular brand.

This is seriously not understandable! Do these even make sense!?! Basically, they wanna say, “A lady would die to have sex with a man whose deodorant smells good and the guy would seriously enjoy and fulfil all his sexual desires through her, just because he sprayed a deodorant from some rich known company, trying to manipulate people through lots and lots of nonsensical stuff.” Purely sexist! Objectifying women and even men to an extent!

And I believe men are sensible enough to not to use these deodorants to attract women but to save people around them from those awful odours.

“No lady would ever fall for you by merely sensing your deodorant. Let her sense your humbleness and beauty.”



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