That Lion And Me


Years ago Mommy told me about him in some of my talk to me bed stories. His were mine favourite ones among my goodnight stories. Those story hours are a great placeholder in the treasury and alike every second child even I have preserved for as long as I have heard them. Be it the story of that little rabbit and the kind lion or of the smart hare and the foolish lion.

Being in love with that mighty animal is one of the common things amidst my childhood and my teen life. That large, beautiful cat and his confidence of being less than none have always been a source of inspiration to me that undeveloped little mind. Despite himself being the king of his territory, there exists a wide range of animals mightier and par his strength to overpower them. These all negativities ain’t strong enough to give him an inferiority complex.

He knows what he is and what it is capable of. This what we all need to learn from that animal. He does not live in our societies, does not meet us and also has no contacts with us. It still never fails to leave,  with its every act a message of being our true self rather than pretending to be something that we are just not. The organism that is celebrated since its very existence for courage and strength teaches is a lesson of being courageous and strong enough to bear what comes next in life.

The royalty and stateliness it expresses in its hungry roar are even louder than its burps after a satisfying meal. This is what we shall learn to bring into practice in our lives too. Today, one of my teachers asked me a question of “if not being myself then which animal would I love to be.’ My answer was a straight one. To be the one I’ve always dreamt of, not because he is the king but because he has faith in himself for whatever it does and does not depend on his audience to hunt him a prey for supper.

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