Thailand Cave Rescue Mission : Operation To Rescue Football Children Continues


This is the FIFA World Cup season and the eyes of all football enthusiasts are struck on Russia where the extravaganza is taking place, different teams fighting for the deemed trophy. But in a world far far away from Russia some other coming up footballers are fighting for their lives. With the prayers of people from all over the world with them, these boys from Thailand have been fighting for their lives from the past two weeks.

The case is none other than the one of the Thailand Cave Collapse where a group of 13 youngsters, 12 boys of a local soccer team, Wild Boars ranging from 11-16 years in age and their 25 years old coach have been entrapped in a deep part of a cave which suddenly collapsed when the team went there for a walk /excursion on 23rd June. The collapsed cave is located in the Tham Luang cave complex in northern Chiang Rai province. They have been held captive there since on a muddy bank. The eyes of the whole world are now equally set on these youngsters as they are looking forward to who is going to lift the world cup trophy this year.

Joint trial for rescue has been since carried out by a team of Thai Navy SEALS, soldiers, police and volunteers have been working around the clock to try and drain the cave but they have achieved no success in their mission till date. The water clogging the collapsed cave have made the rescue even more difficult. And now another alarm to the lives of the entrapped team have risen as the predictions have been made that there are chances of heavy rain from 7th July to make the already flooded condition worse.

Former Sergeant Saman Kunan, who volunteered for a rescue mission lost his life during the mission on 6th July due to lack of air in the deep cave. We pay our deepest condolences to his sacrifice. Support and well wishes for the team to have Thailand from all across the globe. Football icons like Ronaldo have commented that their eyes are set on the case and they hope that the whole team comes out from the danger with no harm done. Even India have expressed its support and any kind of help needed for the rescue mission and this step was welcomed wholeheartedly by the Thailand government.

Praying for the safe rescue the FIFA president has given an open invitation to the team for the finals of the world cup in Moscow on July 15 if they make it out in time.

To bring a slight relief to the parents and well-wishers of the entrapped team, the rescue team have been able to take messages from the boys to them although tries to have a telephonic conversation have become unsuccessful. Different methods and plans for rescue including supplying oxygen to the caves through canisters, foods and other supplements are in the motion but the rain rescue is still unsuccessful. And now with the elevation danger of more flood as the rainy season in Thailand lasts till October, everyone is trying to rescue the boys as soon as possible.

We all hope that the boys are rescued safely and united with their families at the earliest. And I believe with the good wishes and prayers of people from all over the world with them, they will soon be relieved from the danger they are facing and come out unharmed to face the bright sun of their future.




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