Terrorists will not spread terrorism on social media, scientists found these ways


Scientists have claimed to find ways of identifying extremists affiliated with terrorist organizations like ISIS on social media, which will make them possible before identifying, talking or sharing objectionable things on their social media accounts. The number of online extremist groups and their size are increasing for harassing social media consumers, recruiting new members and inciting violence. The major social media sites are working towards countering this tendency.

They rely heavily on users to ‘report’ a post on behalf of users to identify these accounts. In 2016, Twitter had said that it has closed 3,60,000 accounts associated with ISIS. Once an account is stopped from use, there is little scope for the user to open a new account or operate a lot of accounts.

 Tauheed Jamat of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) said, “Social media has become a powerful platform for extremist organizations, whether it is ISIS or a white nationalist is an alt-right group.” Jamam said, These groups use social networks to spread hatred-filled propaganda, incite violence, and carry out terrorist attacks, which make it a threat to the common people. ”

Researchers focused on ISIS and al-Qaeda’s sympathizers and accounts of known foreign fighters and such materials on Twitter that Twitter had termed as terrorist nature. Using statistical modeling of extremist behavior and the real user data of ISIS, researchers developed a method of identifying new extremist users in advance. It will also be able to know if one person is running more than one account.


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