The exact reason that causes psychological disorders are not really known, however, with various research and studies conducted, it is believed that psychological disorders can occur, not due to a single factor but the combination of environmental, biological as well as psychological factors. Some of these factors include Hereditary factors, Childhood Trauma, A dysfunctional family life, Poor ability to relate to others and also sometimes due to the loss of an important person in the early stage of life.

According to surveys, 1 out of 4 adults is diagnosed with some psychological disorders in a year. These disorders not only affect the person suffering from it but also, the family members and everyone around him or her. It is not only saddening to watch someone undergo it but at the same time, it is also quite terrifying.

Here are some of the most terrifying psychological disorders you’ve probably never heard of!


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The Alien Hand Syndrome is a condition where a person finds their hands or limbs acting on their own. Someone who experiences this tends to feel that one’s hands or limbs are rather possessed by an outer force. It is generally said to affect the left hand. The syndrome occurs in some cases as a result of trauma to the brain, a brain surgery, sometimes also after a stroke or because of a brain infection. The person affected may do a certain action or manipulate objects without any intention of doing so. They might feel the sensation in the affected hand but might think that the hand does not belong to them as they have no control over it or its movement, that it is the hand of an alien.


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This kind of psychological disorder is considered to be a culture-bound syndrome in which a person intensely craves for human flesh and considers himself turning into a cannibal, despite the availability of healthy food. In the Algonquian folklore, the Wendigo is a cannibal monster or an evil spirit (native to the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast). It is believed that this monster or evil spirit possess a man and therefore makes him monstrous, which carry characteristics like the insatiable desire for human flesh. Historically it is associated with cannibalism and murder. Though many deny the existence of this disorder, there have been credible eyewitnesses that agree to its existence as a historical phenomena.


COTARD DELUSION                                   Image Source: Here

The Cotard’s Delusion is a rare disorder in which a person denies the fact that he is alive. In this kind of disorder, the person begins to believe that they are already dead, dying or believing that parts of their organs do not exist, also they feel the loss of blood and that they need not meet the basic requirements of healthy living such as, daily activities, eating and even stop maintaining daily hygiene. This delusion is also termed as “the walking dead syndrome”.


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The Boanthropy disorder causes a person to believe that he or she is a bovine (a cow or an ox) and begins to live and behave like one. The sufferers of this disorder acquire a strange taste of grass and might as well chew on grass for hours, they might even begin to moo uncontrollably and often when unable to understand they tend to join the herd of cows for hours. The most famous case is that of  King Nebuchadnezzar, who in the book of Daniel, was said to have turned into a cow. However, this kind does not have any particular cure except for visiting a therapist.


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Apotemnophilia is characterized as a neurological disorder, in which a person has a fantasy of a missing limb, a long-standing desire or a need to become paralyzed, blind and deaf. This disorder is also known as ‘Body Integrity Identity Disorder’. Because of this fantasy, an individual may opt for self-amputation to achieve the desired. In some cases, these sufferers also ask surgeons to perform the amputation or purposefully injure their limbs so as to force an emergency medical amputation.


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This kind of syndrome may be related to a brain lesion, in which a person is under the wrong impression that different people are rather a single person who is capable of changing appearance or is in disguise. Anyone suffering from this syndrome is often of a paranoid nature and also is afraid of the fact that they might be persecuted by the person they believe are in disguise. Psychiatrists believe that it is related to a breakdown in normal face perception. Also, a patient of this disorder can also inaccurately recall places, objects and even events.

Doesn’t it terrify you to even imagine something like this?


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