Tera Hi Ghata

Yet another musical piece of Gajendra Varma is all the trends these days. This piece entitled ‘Tera Ghata’ is the one that is up on the lips everytime you are murmuring some song. The melodious mid-tempo song ‘Tera Ghata’ was released in May this year and since then, it has been a perfect trendy topic a gathering can talk about.

Not just that be it clips made by viva videos, the WhatsApp status story, your Facebook or even the insta posts, nothing today seems deprived of this song. Musical.ly, a new social craze these days had also witnessed an immense number of music videos with this ‘tera ghata’ music on.

A few days ago, there popped up a news about the four girls being arrested because of this tear that’s song. Well, this seems to be a half rumoured incomplete news…isn’t this…??? Yeah….it is..!!! So, today almost a week after my last work, I take this time to write an investigative report about the same.



Read on….!!!

Despite its success after the release in May, the song ‘Tera Ghata’ has once again been popped up the news, and this time around it’s not because of its’ singer Garendra Verma’s fabulous work but, because of a group some four girls.

These girls took up to post their musical clip with this song as the sound. They have been symbolizing some vulgar signs in the video. If you are a person in love with social media, you must have surely watched this video. The sources report that these girls are the residents of Delhi and have been arrested for spreading salaciousness in the society. They have misinterpreted the song’s actual meaning in an indecent manner.

Well, if you think this is the reason behind the arrest, you are wrong. The girls have in fact, not even arrested. They have just been warned by the police officials after a complaint filed against them a few days ago.

When the four girls posted up their video, people started trolling them and took up to the comment box to express their anger. The girls in the resul took tweeter handle to express their agitation and used some abusive words against people. Some one on the twitter did not like the girls’ this behaviour and filed a complaint against them.

The case was filed under the ‘Act of Abuse’  after which the police officials left the girls abandoned with the warning. There had been no arrest taken place against the girls. So, do not believe any speculation or rumour about this issue.

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