Teens and Drugs


What is a drug?

A drug is any chemical that produces a therapeutic and non-therapeutic effect on the body. Today there are more than 40 million users and dealers of illegal drugs in the world out of which 35% are just teenagers. It’s a sad reality that teenage stage of one’s life in which one experiences a variety of changes can be used to experience the wrong things at the wrong point of time.

The usage of drugs by teens can be for varying reasons. The most common of them all is peer-pressure. Kids are often threatened if their friends are using drugs and in order to “fit in,” they also follow suit. Teens often don’t see the link between their actions today and the consequences tomorrow. Another reason may be due to the fact of being brought up in a drug-filled home, children are exposed to many harmful things at such a young age.

Often parents who work for long hours and have very less time for parenting miss out giving sound advice to their children on certain issues, as a result, devoid of attention and love from their families, teens often seek refuge at certain things and places that would make them feel accepted and loved.

Teens also may use drugs to reduce stress, to feel grown up or just out of curiosity. The number of teen smokers and alcohol users has escalated at an alarming rate, and teens who smoke and drink at an early stage are most likely to become drug users in the future. Teens at risk of developing drug habits in future mostly include those who are often depressed, those with low self-esteem, those who feel like they don’t belong and those with a family history of drugs.

Teens use a variety of drugs both legal and illegal, ranging from tobacco to ecstasy. Tobacco has been in practice among teens all over the world. Kids start the habit of smoking at a pathetic age of 14 or less and the age is decreasing at an alarming rate. They often come across such drugs at parties and such teen hangout places, where there would be no adult supervision. Cigarettes, marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other club drugs such as raves and trances have all been abused by teens not to mention, alcohols and booze such as beer and vodka.

Drugs are often taken because of their immediate effect, alcohols give immediate relaxation and a slight anesthetic effect and the person slowly loses control over himself.

Teens are the future of our nation and this careless behavior by them disappoints not only their families but the whole country too. Drug use is a plaque to society and must be stopped. We should attack the demand and supply. We should stop its circulation and extreme punishment must be met out mercilessly to those who choose to defy the law.


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