• Surbhi Jain

Of course, your reaction would be that yes we can live without technology. Nowadays, technology has taken an important place in our society. Almost everyone has already used technology in one way or another. This means that the influence of technology has taken the entire world today. So, is technology a good or a bad thing?

Technology has made the world a global village. Technology is a double-edged weapon. When we talk about technology as a good thing it has many advantages like technology has helped in the prosperity of any country whether we talk about the relationship of United States of America or China or India. Technology has transformed people to do their business. They can send and receive messages or talk with someone everywhere.
Also, it has become very easy to get any information about anything at any time anywhere. This has been possible because of technologies we have like broadband internet.

Since technology is very difficult to understand sometimes and also it is very challenging, so it inspires the brain to work at its full power. Earlier it was very difficult to start a small business because one had to have lots of money to start a business. Today with the help of technology or we can say with the access to the internet we can start our business online like Flipkart or Olx where we can buy or sell the things so easily. The growth of E-commerce business is an excellent example of how technologies can benefit our lives.

Mobile phones have become very important around the globe. Every single person living in the society use mobile phones. Many people feel bad, lost when their phones are taken away. Technology has made man-machine addicted, our lifespan has become short. However, too much technology can be bad for our society. One study shows that 60% of high school students spend 9 hours a day using social networking sites. People feel helpless if any of the modern technology like internet fails to perform.
In conclusion, technology is neither good nor bad. We can’t live without technology, but we must pay attention to the way which we use it.

“It’s Not That We Use Technology, We Live Technology”


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