Technology as a thief of creativity


The twenty-first century became a witness to the emerging technology. We are in technology prone world. Everything now is just one click away.

The predominance of technology and smartphones, in particular, has to lead to many suggestions that creativity is being killed by our reliance on these tools. This isn’t a new thought – people were suggesting that technology was extinguishing creative impulses long ago.

That’s often the crux of the argument – that we’re sacrificing original thought for keeping ourselves constantly entertained. It’s also argued that it can find everything online somewhere, we don’t give ourselves room to problem solve and innovate on our own.

But as there are two sides of a coin similarly technology is considered as a boon and as well as bane for the mankind. Although technology has made everything available at our doorsteps it has at the same time killed the creativity of humans. Dependency on technology is increasing day by day.

With the help of technology, people have become a couch potato. Robots are replacing people with human labor. No doubt this monster of technology has brought lots of benefits to the human society. But this monster has taken away the creativity of people as things have become so easily available. Although technology is the mother of all useful inventions but now it slowly and gradually becoming a bane to human creativity.

We need time to daydream as daydreaming boosts our creativity. Creativity is often referred to as a “use it or lose it” discipline. You might work in a creative job role, but even you could be strangling your creativity by fastened to a device constantly. Lack of originality is one thing with content, but technology is also accused of promoting lazy communication and diminishing our creativity in that area.


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I am Anwesha Saha , a BCA student from Kristu Jayanti College. I truely am a defence aspirant and presenlty a cadet at 3 Karnataka Battalion NCC. I look forward to inspire people to join the armed forces and thyself become one in the future.


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