Teachers’ Day- World v/s India


World Teachers’ Day

Held every year on 5th October, this day is celebrated internationally to commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the 1966 UNESCO/ILO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. This day was announced and celebrated globally by UNESCO on October 5, 1994; as a mark of gratitude and respect towards all the teachers and coaches of the world. Nearly 200 countries in the world celebrate this day to acknowledge the role and contributions of a teacher all over the globe.

Teachers’ Day-India

Coincidentally, even the National Teachers’ Day in India is also celebrated on 5th, but two months before the international one. The National Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year in the Indian subcontinent, to signify the birthday of the first Indian Vice-president and the second Indian President, Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.

Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, born with the amazing teaching skills, was also a great philosopher, author, and an efficient politician. The year was 1962. After he became the second president of India, some of his former students came to him to seek his permission for celebrating his birthday on 5th September in a lavish fashion. On this, the former president politely declined and instead, suggested them to celebrate his birthday in the honor of all the teachers of the country. Hence, since 1962, every year 5th September is celebrated as the National Teachers’ Day across the country.

Teachers-The Moulders

No wonder, the teachers’ day on 5th September holds a special significance for every Indian, especially the students. And 5th September really deserves this honor from the countrymen. But more than anything, what really matters is that there should be a day for the teachers, as a mark of respect and gratitude towards them.

No matter if one celebrates the day on 5th September or October, our educators and instructors deserve a day, when they can be specially thanked and honored. They are the moulders, the ones who shape the youth of a nation. They are the assets of a country. But usually, they don’t get what they really deserve.. the respect and gratitude that they deserve, the status that they deserve, even the salary that they deserve. There are many things which the system lacks to provide them. But really, in spite of whatever they face, they educate the young minds, hence they deserve a day dedicated only and only to them, to acknowledge them.

This Teachers’ Day, honor and acknowledge your teachers. Show how much you respect them, how much you admire them. And thank them with all your heart and affection.

Everyone has a Guru hidden inside them. Hence don’t forget to cherish that teacher inside you.



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