Tavishi Perara became India’s first ‘child without a father.


Tavishi Perara became India’s first ‘child without a father’ acccording to the birth certificate. Mathumitha was separated from her husband by mutual consent, and Tavishi was born in April 2017 through intrauterine fertility treatment with the help of a semen donor.

This never came easy to the child’s mother as the problems began when she gave birth and the birth certificate issued by the corporation showed Manish Madanpal Meena (her friend) as the father.

The petition was filed by a certain Mathumitha Ramesh. The presiding judge on the matter, Justice M S Ramesh directed that the Tiruchirapalli Corporation remove the name of Manish Madanpal Meena within a week from the birth certificate.

Ramesh approached the authorities and asked them to remove the error as Meena was not the child’s father. However,they turned down her request stating that errors in the name of the father alone can be rectified, but the removal of the name from the birth certificate was not  under the  law.

The woman then moved the Madurai bench of the court. Her representation was rejected claiming that only the registrar was the right authority for such rectification.

Justice Ramesh granted Mathumitha’s demand after clearance that she had become pregnant through intrauterine fertility treatment with donated semen.

Justice Ramesh, citing facts, directed the chief health officer of Trichy corporation to remove Manish Madanpal Meena’s name from the father’s name column. He further restrained the official from demanding any name of the father for the purpose of filling the column.
The judge said, “I have made these observations consciously in order to restrain the chief health officer from insisting on any other name in the birth certificate on the father’s name column”. He has now posted the case to June 11 for final acceptance  of the order

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