Syrian Government Bombs Civilians in Eastern Ghouta


In a series of extremely deadly bomb blasts, the Assad regime has bombed Eastern Ghouta, which was a rebel held enclave. The past few attacks have killed almost 500 civilians in the past weeks, including almost 150 children. The latest attack came just hours after the United Nations Security Council approved ceasefire in the conflict torn nation.

The international response has been overwhelmingly negative, as expected. Reports state that the French and German governments are strongly condemning the actions and have called on Russia to ensure the enforcement of the 30-day ceasefire. Russia is being pressurised by multiple nations to pressure the Syrian regime into allowing the flow of humanitarian aid, as stated by German officials.

There had been reports of escalating violence in the past week, which peaked on Sunday, when the rebel held enclave was bombarded by the government. This shows the lack of effect of the ceasefire on the situation. Many people have stated that the resolution, supported even by Russia, an ally of the Assad regime, contained multiple loopholes. The passing of the resolution was a long drawn process ,which was delayed several times. The primary purpose of the ceasefire was to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to the poverty ridden citizens of the nation.

The Syrian conflict is a longstanding one and is extremely complex. Currently, there seems to be no solution in sight for this conflict. There have been multiple efforts to solve this issue on the internationalism. Despite the Syrian government trying to depict itself as a multilateral and cooperative, the commitment towards ending this conflict seems limited. Even after almost seven years of bloodshed and indiscriminate violence, the Syrian conflict has only become more complex, violent and dangerous. Despite multiple international calls to stop the violence, there seems to be no end in sight.


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