Sylvia Plath poems: Best way to bring out your good emotions!

Sylvia Plath

An American poetess and novelist, having acquired her education from the renowned University of Cambridge. Sylvia Plath was one of a kind. She was born in Boston, on October 27th, 1932 to her parents Otto Plath, a biologist, and Aurelia Plath. Though she was into poetry from a very age and did show symptoms of being a capable artist. Sylvia Plath Poems are world famous. Losing her father at an early age left a deep impact on her. He died because of untreated diabetes.

While she was in college, she had an affair with another famous poet Ted Hughes. Both of them married and had two kids. She and Ted had two kids when Plath realizes about his affair with another woman. All this while she was already suffering from Depression, but this incident triggered it more and she committed suicide by poisoning herself from Carbon Monoxide, by putting her head in the oven. She did die a tragic death but is still remembered because of the legendary work she produced. She was in pain and all her pain was somehow shown in her works. You cannot help it with anything but adore and notice the haunting beauty in all of them.

Some of Sylvia Plath Poems


 Mirror By Sylvia Plath
Image Source: Mirror By Sylvia Plath

A poem in which the Mirror seems to be talking about a woman who comes and watches her reflection and as she grows old, she seems agitated. The Poem reflects the insecurities of women having a beautiful reflection or carrying a personality and as she turns old, she takes herself to be ugly. The poem is one of a kind which has its eerie feeling in it and can only be expressed by Plath.

Daddy, 1962

Daddy By Sylvia Plath
Image Source: Daddy By Sylvia Plath

Having a stressed childhood, and an equally strenuous adulthood, surviving multiple suicide attempts, Daddy was written shortly before her death. Though the poem has some rather challenging statements which do raise issues like maybe she had some problems with her father, the poem shows every other impact her life has had on her. Another poem which has a haunting beauty, only enabled by Plath.

Mad Girl’s Love Song, 1951

Mad Girl's Love
Image Source: Mad Girl’s Love

“I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; So, I lift my lids and all is born again. (I think I made you up inside my head.)’

Starting with these lines, the poem talks about betrayal and love felt as it is about the unrequited love achieved by Plath. Maybe it is about her failed love life, we never know for sure but the poem for sure is beautiful and will urge you to listen to the recitals.

Lady Lazarus, 1962

Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath
Image Source: Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath

Another one of Plath’s best works produced, Lady Lazarus is a twisted one to understand. But then, which one of her works came easily anyway? And that’s what the beauty of it.

The bizarre sense of all Sylvia Plath poems brings out so much of passion that it becomes impossible not to relate to them at a certain point of time.

Mental & Physical Issues

Sylvia Plath did suffer from various mental problems and had suicidal tendencies, but all this cannot overshadow her famous poems and works which were in fact, can be taken as the reflection of her degrading mental health, or maybe a silenced cry for help. She was prescribed with antidepressant and was frequently visited by one of her close friends, Dr. John Horder, but she did what she had too.

Sylvia Plath Poems
Image Source: Sylvia Plath’s Depression

Isn’t it fascinating to read all these Sylvia Plath poems? And I am pretty sure there are many more of her works which show the same bizarre sense of love and sadness which had its own beauty. Also, having a deeper insight into her life, do watch the autobiography made on her named “Sylvia” starring Gwyneth Paltrow as Sylvia Plath and Daniel Craig as Ted Hughes. I am sure you’ll love it and would feel the pain she suffered. No doubt, she was exceptionally talented and we all miss her 🙂

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