Swachh Bharat Mission : It’s Not Just The Toilets

  • Tarun Rajput

“Swachh Bharat mission “ was an unprecedented effort by any government so far in the direction of achieving clean India. This mission had produced a wave of enthusiasm among the people and fortunately heard in every corner of society. With a three year of its launch, the real achievements are still missing. This mission seems to be moving around the target with a no hope to hit it soon. Rationales. The development policy for building up of toilets adopted by India is quite discriminatory. It intends to offer more policies to those which are already developed. In simple words, the concentration of development is not evenly spread.

The targets of Swacch Bharat Mission majorly deemed the construction of toilets to abandon open defecation and perhaps the people also identified this as the purpose. Thus they refused to see the authentic aim particularly targeted in the mission. The story of sanitation is not confined to the toilets itself it also brings the overall system of sanitation under the light. This system includes solid waste, water channels and drainage.

Urban India does not finish off with its challenges just by bringing more under the roof of toilets but it needs to confront multiple issues that spoil every policy which intends to work in this direction. One of our major failures is the way we deal with the waste produced from our houses itself.

Most people found it interesting to throw their household solid waste on unsuitable spaces. Even they avoid throwing it in large containers provided by the government. This eventually becomes the rich source of causing diseases. Another factor is the complicated minds of the people who are badly ridden with unscientific thoughts and ideas. These ideologies ensure the prevention of their culture and rituals with a blind compromise with heritage and resources. Any policy in India loses its objective either due to its ineffective implementation or due to certain forces that bind people with their cheap thoughts.

Thus Swacch Bharat Missin would remain a mission until the participants are not ready to defuse their immature behaviour towards sanitation.


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