Sustainable Development : The Midway Between Technological Development and Preservation of Nature


Our earth is in great danger’, this is something that almost everyone is aware of today and we the humans, who are considered the most advanced and intelligent of beings residing on it are the ones who are the greatest threats to it. I believe, our never-ending list of wants and needs, our greed for always wishing more, sometimes even more than we actually require or can handle is the reason why our beloved earth have reached the pitiable stage it is in today. Sustainable Development is the way out!

It is true that with the passage of time humans have developed and the developing mankind needs technologies and other things which match their stage if developed. But the downside of always aspiring for ‘one step more’, of the ever going competition for proving one’s efficiency by inventing new things is that the earth and the natural have to bear the burnt of it. The earth suffers for our mindless deeds.

It is not wrong to think about bettering oneself, of development; but we need to do this keeping in mind the earth and its health. We need to recognize the fact that earth is not only ours to do as we wish with it but also of the numerous other generations that are yet to come, the generations that will be our predecessors. Do we really want to leave them with a diseased earth? Do we want to give them a gift of nature which is very near to death? We really need to consider these questions because the way development is progressing today, even will leave behind nothing but a skeleton of the earth we know of today for the future generations.

The earth will survive as long as its greenery is preserved, its nature is appreciated and taken care of. And the answer to all of these is sustainable development. It is a sustainable development which holds the power of bringing a balance between nature and development. Both natures, as well as development, is necessary for our survival but we need to know the limit for both. We need to know the fine line that separates both, crossing which can cause great damage. And to progress protecting nature as well as promoting development we need sustainable development.

Sustainable development will help us to preserve the earth without damaging the nature so that we can leave behind a beautiful earth for the people of the future. We can’t let go of development, but we should never forget the nature too. And the answer to all of these lies within sustainable development. Let us all embrace a way which can ensure the safety of the earth for the future and let us all say yes to sustainable development for the same.


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