Survival Against All Odds


There are the hours of tides high and low, the days of all odds and hard to ‘survive through’ days but, there are also the days of all good and no tears to hold on in your eyes. Just as a coin has two sides, every situation or hurdle in it has a good as well as a bad side which may or may not be realized by us in present but, it will surely be in the favor of goodness.

We may fail to realize that the things happening in our lives are always for our welfare and do panic when things and situations are not in our favor. It’s so illogical to blame someone as great as an eternity for something that you know nothing about. Yet, carrying on with fostering blames on others.

The best way for survival against all odds is the hope for the best and determination to perform your best. You cannot just lie down ideally and pester blames of your odd days on other. You should rather work on getting out of the obstacles not by avoiding them. But, by going through them.

Just as the actual shine of a mere stone drugged out of a coal mine is generated after long hours of scratching and polishing and that’s when that little stone, not a thing even worth of a few bucks is changed to an extent that its value from a few bucks is raised to millions and billions of bucks.

Similarly, even you will have to work hard, face the tides, all up and down, swim through the hard waves and get polished as a diamond and that’s when you will become a man who can create a life worth living. A fish that stays in the small corner of the pond, not ready to move to a river or sea because it is scared that she may get harmed there will not be able to succeed and live through the life because it has never had contact with outer world nor has it ever met the outside world to get into their lifestyles and dies out of being inexperienced while, the fish living in an ocean survives every wave and all the other tides, because it has since ever learnt to face challenges.

So make sure that you face challenges rather than running away from or avoiding them. Be slow, but steady and keep on performing better with your every next move.


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