Supreme Court’s order in Muzaffarpur Shelter Home case


The problems of Brijesh Thakur, the owner of Bihar’s Muzaffarpur Shelter Home, have increased. The Supreme Court has instructed the Income Tax Department to investigate against Brajesh Thakur and its NGO, to find out what he did in the last ten years of the 4.5 crore fund given by the Bihar government. The Supreme Court told the CBI that he To check Brajesh Thakur, check the role of Bihar Social Welfare Department. In the CBI report submitted in the court, it was told that the neighbors heard the girls’ voice at night was, But due to the fear and consternation of Brajesh Thakur, no one could dare to speak against him. Now more girls have complained, and eight girls were shifted to an unknown place from Service Setter Home.

The Supreme Court asked the CBI to take the NGO documents into custody and investigate why these girls were shifted. In four weeks, the Supreme Court should report to the CBI. The Supreme Court has asked the Press Council of India, NBA, NBSA, and the Editors Guild to file a notice on media reporting and media trials in the pending cases of the court and issue a notice in two weeks. The Attorney General told the court that the IB Ministry has created a guideline for reporting in cases of sexual abuse, Failure of the violation can be done on media institutions, such as fines and broadcasting. But, due to the absence of information and the greed of TRP, this kind of reporting is being done.

The Supreme Court banned the order of the Patna High Court on the media reporting but directed that the media report the news with full responsibility or seriousness, the victim’s identity or the identity of their families is not public. The face should not be shown by blurring, covering or in any form. The Supreme Court has made it clear that this order will be for reporting not only this case but also every case of rape. Just not only for the minor victims but also to make the adult’s blurred face or interview.


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