Supreme Court Finds a Middle Ground Between Air Pollution and Fire Crackers


Diwali is one of India’s most loved festivals. It’s only days away this year. As soon as we think about Diwali another word that instantly clicks into our brain is fire crackers. Although it’s part of the festivities and joy, we can’t deny that it brings along with it a big problem of air pollution. Not to mention the high decibel of noise pollution associated with it. Add to it the horror of fire crackers accidently setting places on fire, I feel it is better if we remain away from burning fire crackers.

But, on the other hand, the fire cracker industry is a large one I India. So completely forbid or ban the use of fire crackers will mean kicking on the stomachs of 1000s of labours toiling their days away in the production line. Maybe the Supreme Court judges faced a similar dilemma too.

Between a petition that demandes a complete ban on the sale or use of fire crackers to control pollution prior to Diwali, and an appeal from those associated with the trade of fire crackers to not let them lose their livelihood, the Supreme Court finally found a middle ground.

In what can be said to be a balanced verdict, the SC declared that burning of fire crackers will be allowed this Diwali, but there will be a time frame attached to it. People all around the country, especially in the highly polluted cities are allowed to brust crackers between 8pm to 10pm on the day of Diwali. I think this is quite a satisfactory decision.

Along with this, the verdict also stated that the fire crackers can only be sold by licensed traders and no e-trading company like Amazon or Flipkart are allowed to sell them. On Christmas and New Year’s Eve crackers can be burst between 11:45 pm and 12:45 am.

After the Court passed its decision, the public is giving mixed reactions. While the environmentally conscious part of the society have welcomed the verdict with open arms and hearts, the traditional or rigid section is accusing the SC on being a hinder to their joy of the festivals. So whether this new law of the SC will be accepted and followed by the public or not is something to look forward to.




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