The Supreme Court has now opened its doors to the common man too. Yes, nowadays, the common man will be able to walk through the courtroom of the Supreme Court and easily walk around the entire complex. Actually, the Supreme Court has launched a formal portal on Thursday. People will be able to easily visit the Supreme Court by registering on this portal. People will be allowed to roam the Supreme Court on Saturday except for public holidays. Let me tell you that there is no hearing in the Supreme Court on Saturday.

CJI Ranjan Gogoi launched a formal portal on Thursday. By registering, people will be able to tour with the guide in the Supreme Court for one hour. Let us now say that only lawyers of the Supreme Court, admissions lawyers in the Supreme Court, People related to the case, lawsuits, practicing interns, law students and journalists get admission only. It is being told that there will be a trained guide along with people on this one hour tour. People can easily go to the website and choose the date and time of the tour.

The Accuser becomes the Accused

People will not have to pay any fee to travel to the Supreme Court. This tour has been scheduled from 10 AM to 1 PM. Once the tour has been booked on the website, a code will be sent to the mobile once. This message will be scanned at the reception desk of Supreme Court and a temporary electronic entry card will be issued to the people. Which will be credited back after the tour. On this tour, people will also be able to get admission in judges library and corridor. During this time people will be prohibited from photography.

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