Superstition, The Cause For The Death Of A Family


The superstition element has always been prevalent in India. Some might think that the superstitious beliefs have faded with time with the progress of science and technology. But this is not quite true. The superstitions have grown and so have the number of people who believe in such out-dated, baseless notions. People have lost their rationale reasoning power.

A recent incident shows how blindly believing in an idea will take away lives. Here is what happened. A family from Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday consisting of 3 members lost their lives in tragic circumstances. Some people believe that if a crow enters a house, then the house members should leave the house immediately. If not, they will have to face the consequences.

The villagers reported that the family of Vadde Subbarayudu vacated their home due to the fear that a crow that came into their dwelling would bring them bad luck. So they took their shelter on the first floor of a building in their village. This building, which was in a ram shackled condition, collapsed on Tuesday killing 3 of them.

Subbarayudu, the eldest member of the family, survived the accident with serious injuries. But his wife V Thimmakka, son V Ravi and daughter V Mahalakshmi lost their lives in the building crash. The bad luck did, after all, befall on this family due to their superstitious beliefs. The belief of this Timmapuram village is that a family must leave their house for a period of three months if a crow enters in. There are many other such superstitions which are seriously followed by these villagers.

This is not just the case of one family or village; there are various villages in India where people still believe in such irrelevant theories. Only with proper education and awareness could such superstitions be wiped out from the country. It is time that people stop believing and spreading such unfounded and irrational information.


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