Your Own Recipe For Success


–We have all given due thoughts to the key ingredients essential for the success to be attained in life. But we often forget to ponder over one of the most significant factor of success, its recipe. So what if you have a classy kitchen with almost every other ingredient found in a kitchen and still have no idea about a word of the recipe of the dish you wish to prepare. Even with so grand a kitchen and with such an enormous and exact list of ingredients present out there, you will fail. And the reason will be solely be the lack of knowledge of the required recipe.

Life has an ample of opportunities and problems in its package for us in equal amount. Its all up to us how we look at it and also how we deal it. An advancing person will be prepared to do everything it takes to reach his target. We all hear our elders, seniors, teachers and our guardians telling us to be hard working for it is the key to success. Yes, it is but not entirely. Hard work alone can do nothing to gain you the pearl of success. It along with it needs certain other factors that are supposed to be indulged in your regular practice to get what you aim.

These other factors include:

  • Purpose- have a clear image of what your main goal is and work towards it. Lack of purpose can be a reason of beholding you back from success.
  • Passion- have a dedication towards your work. In a long-term goal passion often shifts or disappears so make sure about how you control yourself.
  • Self-determination- the difference between a successful and a failure person is not the lack of knowledge but, the lack of will. So make a check where you stand.
  • Confidence- have a complete confidence in what you want to have in your life and try to make it a static factor irrespective of situations.
  • Motivation- once that you fail you often lose your confidence, so keep up the level of motivation high everytime you are unsuccessful.
  • Avoid procrastination- do the things right now instead of shifting them on a never coming tomorrow.
  • Love what you do- ask yourself a question before you start to work, ‘does this work excite you.’
  • Don’t just practice, practice right things- working on a thing day and night in an errorful manner would gain you nothing. Work in a right manner.
  • Coherence- keep your mind and body together while you work rather than a body at a worm with a mind wandering in meadows.
  • Hope and Positivity- be an optimistic person every day you wake up before you are off to work.

Now when you are done with your ingredients list, you need to now focus on our recipe for success. It takes every right thing in a right manner in the right amount to prepare a delicious dish of success. Be it your passion or your hard work or even your knowledge and confidence, anything in an extra amount is not a good thing. So make sure you do everything requisitely.


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