The StyleList : 5 Indian Men You Ought To Follow On Instagram


Irrespective of whether you are in a committed relationship or are still looking for your ‘Perfect Other’, imagine waking up to a picture of a mesmerizing face, looking right at you as if it is smiling only for your eyes today. A body sculpted to perfection, a chiseled face with the eyes of an infant and the smile of an angel; you just cannot surpass the power of a beautiful picture!

Gone are the day when we used to sleep and wake up to messages from our beloved. The Gen-Y is now hooked on to social media that offers much, much more than what one can handle. Statistics published in December 2016 revealed that Instagram has over 600 million monthly active users. Instagram, a mobile social network that allows users to edit and share photos and videos alike, has become the hub of all activity, surpassing other applications by a large margin. According to a report published by DMR, the picture sharing platform has 51% of its user base that are male. With these seriously impressive figures, it is not hard to understand why Instagram has become an  addiction for fashion-conscious individuals.

Some of the country’s most stylish men can be found right at your fingertips. Sounds too good to be true? Not any longer. If you are into fashion, food, travel, art or just aesthetically pleasing pictures, you my friend, have come to the right place. We break down some of our favorite sartorial kings from Instagram for your daily inspiration.

( Warning : A look at these beautiful, beautiful men might get to hooked to them and what they do. We at The Social Rush don’t mind though. Sorry not sorry. )


  1. Rahul Khanna
    Instagram username: Mrkhanna
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    Rahul ‘Dreamy’ Khanna

    Mr. Khanna’s feed gives you an insight into his personal life and style. The profile offers a wide variety to ogle at, from his colorful breakfast pallete, to amusing vacation adventures to his love for puppers. Whether he’s posing in a well tailored suit, lazying around in his PJs, or  just lying shirtless in his bed (yes, shirtless! , this man is sure to make you drool. Mr. Dreamy’s style is understated, smart, and effortless.A boutique Bollywood actor as his Instagram Bio says, this one is a personal favorite. We are not sure if it is the filters that he uses or its just his extraordinary skills with the camera, but every single picture looks as though it has been lifted off a glossy magazine.

  2. Jim Sarbh
    Instagram username: jimsarbhforreal
    Image Source

    Jim Sarbh’s effortlessly chic style

    I think there’s no denying that ‘girls like bad boys’. But this hottie attracted not just girls but also boys with his negative character in the film ‘Neerja’. Jim’s ability to make even the most ordinary pieces work has helped him achieve almost god-like status within the menswear community. After all, is there another man who can look irresistible with uncombed hair in the back of an auto rickshaw?Jim’s feed  is aesthetically pleasing; his pictures seem too good to be true and the videos. Good lord! There is one particular video of him walking on the ramp, when he turns and smiles. I can honestly say I have dreamed of that 5 seconds video. His style is chic, the man is hot, and has a great taste in music. Ah, sounds just like the man I need in my life.

  3. Usaamah Siddique
    Instagram username: thedapperlabel
    Image Source

    Usaamah adds just the right tint of freshness that ever man needs.

    This young lad says he is ‘made to measure’ and we are not in denial.  Usaamah is on every list of India’s best fashion bloggers and you’d know why with just one look at his account. He travels, he eats, he gyms, he poses; his Instagram feed keeps us up to date with everything that is happening.

    Usaamah’s profile brings together all a man’s needs on one page. In keeping with his strong emphasis on dressing to suit his mood, no two looks of Usaamah’s are the same.  He’s happy to try out new trends, whether is a studded leather jacket, a polka dotted bow, or just a DIY sticker-clad jacket. Usaamah’s style is easy and fresh and this is just the man if you need timeless outfits in the nick of time.

  4. Riaan J. George
    Instagram username: urbaneyebyrg
    Image Source

    RG in his enviable glory.

    RG rightly has an urban eye for anything that is smart. His feed is full of colors and flavors from around the world. As well as letting strangers from around the world look inside his wardrobe enviably stocked to perfection, RG also leads users to small cafes across travel destinations for a more intimate experience.

    Id suggest you to prepare yourself to see your new crush. RG travels extensively and regularly shares tales from his worldly escapades.  He travels around the world in search of fashion inspiration and more, and documents his findings on Instagram.

  5. Jatinn Jay
    Instagram username:
    Image Source
    This men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger is based out of Bangalore but lives out of his suitcase. His Instagram feed is all about brilliantly composed photos and absolutely set to perfection aesthetics. Be it casuals, or formals, this guy knows how to rock any outfit in the history of ever. His Instagram feed serves as a perfect guide to high-low dressing. Trust us, this is the kind of quality material you’d want to spend hours looking at (and following).


Fashion is all about your own individual style but a little help never hurts, right? Each of these smart men lay emphasis on tailoring, quality fabrics and smart accessorizing. But they also talk about not being out there, but just flowing with ease and suiting yourself.  And aside from just writing about whats on trend each season, these fashion enthusiasts aren’t afraid to think outside the box.

And other than all that fashion gyaan, there’s always their happy faces, spectacular bodies and envious vacations to look at. Happy stalking!

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