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Light Painting

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still” – Dorothea Lange. Photographs are like a pause button in our lives, we can always capture and freeze a particular time, event and memories in photographs, and it will always remain the same. However, photography these days has reached a completely different level.With advanced camera lenses, we are often surprised as well as mesmerized how a picture can look so real. At the same time we are also astonished at how technology can be used in so many different ways, not only can it be used for scientific experiments but also, something as simple as photography. Light Painting is a term you had never heard of.

So What Is Light Painting (Photography)?

Light painting is also known as light drawing. It is a photography technique which includes, moving of a handheld light source, while the shutter of the camera is left open during a long exposure photograph (exposure of about 30 seconds). These exposure time for light paintings ranges from seconds to hours. Light paintings are used for both scientific as well as artistic purposes.

These light paintings date back to the year 1889, however, photographer Barbara Morgan began light paintings in 1940. In 1949, when Pablo Picasso was introduced to this technique he immediately began making images in the air with a small flashlight in a dark room. This series of photos became known as Picasso’s “light drawings” and of these photos, the most celebrated and famous are known as “Picasso draws a Centaur”.




   Image Source: Picasso’s light drawings

The series of Picasso’s “light drawings”, was put up on display in early 1950, at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. He was said to be a man ahead of his time.


New York Light Paintings by Eric Staller in 1970s (1).jpg

Image Source: Street light drawings

Eric Stellar’s street light drawings still have its own charm. He could be called the father of light painting in its present day form. From 1976 to 1980, he roamed the streets in New York creating light paintings.

3.Cz0o_yfUcAATPU7  Image Source: Motions of Kayaking

Amazing motions of kayaking and canoeing recorded through a light painting by Stephen Orlando.


60fd1d1cb43684884c5cbfd2e8be4b6b                Image Source: Ball of light 

Ball of light by Denis Smith. These cute orb light paintings are not as difficult as they seem, all you’ll need is to carefully understand the technique and create one on your own. Here’s a link that might help you learn these orb light painting techniques: Click Here 

5.JeremyJackson11  Image Source: kaleidoscopic

Inspired by geometric designs and patterns, electric sparks and colourful whirls dominate this amazing kaleidoscopic light paintings by Jeremy Jackson. It is made by long exposure and manipulation of light sources by the artist.

6.lightmarkt_33b.jpg      Image Source: A Masterpiece

Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke are two German photographers who travel far and wide, to some of the greatest places in order to shoot such masterpiece. 

7.Star_trails_by_kopfgeist79.jpgImage Source: Stars

Now, this here is another type of photography which includes natural light emitting objects, that is Stars. It is also called as Star Trail Photography. A long exposure on a starry night can produce beautiful light trails created by the stars and the rotation of the earth. Here is a link which can help you guide through its technique: Click Here

So, you see there’s a lot one can learn, all thanks to the development of technology. All you need is a little creativity, which each one of us has just sometimes hidden away, the right set of equipment and a few tips on techniques. Hope these pictures do capture your mind, do let me know what you think of these. And in case you want to learn some Light Painting tricks, here’s a link which can help you: LP Tutorials. 

So, Enjoy Learning Painting Tutorials.

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