Story of Croatia : Nation With Just 4 Millon People Celebrates Football It’s Identity

Croatia won the everyone hearts in this year world cup, they lost 4-2 in the final last evening in Moscow against France. France won their 2nd world cup trophy they last won 20 years in 1998.


The world cup is over the festival of football did it’s farewell last evening in the Moscow where French take back the golden trophy home back to Paris still Croatia won the hearts!

But this world cup on the way of its end will remember forever as something special where the passion of game of from small-small nations upset the mighty and powerful. Three of four who were in last four or semi- final are the nations belongs the Western European society who right now struggling from the problem of immigration and integration one such team was runner-up Croatia.

This tiny nation in southeast Europe surrounded by the Adriatic sea separated by Balkan peninsula with the just population of 4 million people told their intriguing story of passion and love the game and showed the world how football is just more than game.

Croatia is always apart from his beautiful Adriatic coastline which made Croatia one of hottest and most visited destination in Europe, also knows for its stunning culture of football , tiny nation is spectacularly successful in almost every sport, like it’s got top-flight teams in handball, water polo, basketball even tennis where Croatian people are the part of elite group of players, Interestingly this instinct of sports probably comes from genetics only, Croats, and it’s neighbours like Serbia and Bosnia home of some tallest people in the world, made them naturally athletic. You can find thousands of sports clubs most of them come from former- Yugoslavia’s achievement sport project

The football in Croatia has its own special story. On May 1990 riot at the Zagreb(Croatia Capital), Maksmir Stadium between in a match between a local team of Dinamo and Red Star Belgrade from Serbia had stopped,  Dinamo fan group – the Bad blue Boys- as they call themselves clashes with Serbian club supporters led Zeliko Raznatovic Akran the future war criminal; the Serbian nationalist took Serb volunteer guard between 15,00 and 20.000 people to the Zabreb for the game fight starts when Dinamo player Zvonimir Boban involved in the fight to help one such fan this became the symbol of resistance to the Croats.

Then the nationalist leader like Tudjman lead the independence movement, used the football groups and organizations who are radicalised in nature to spread the message of independent Croatia. This became a diplomatic success when selected Croation player played a match with U.S team in October 1990.

But this country still struggling with some dark sides like the communist corruption in which recent times revolved some graft. Back in early June Zdravko Mamic, the undeclared boss of Croatian football was sent to six-year jail in the charge diverting $18 million from players transfer fee.

Although there have been scenes of corruption Croation football but in indirect way it contributed also to it’s big strength where most all elite players of the team play for big European teams like Real Madrid to Juventus and it’s been a trend in Croatia nowadays where managers ask their players to play outside Croatia and sell them to big European leagues rather than staying the local teams in which players getting variety of experience which only resulting in current team Sucess.

Although today in Croatia you not found the same fervour in the 1990 era and it no longer determines the current political landscape. It got back to some extent,but still that fervour comes back whenever people of Croatia celebrates the sport or nation team success that we saw last night when the whole city of Zagreb comes to the streets and roads gathers in Jelacic Square to celebrate nation achievement and brought back the memories where in past football was just more than game for Croats.

Even President Kolina Kitarovic was found standing with the team last evening in stands of Luzhniki Stadium wearing national colours and showing her love and passion supporting as a fan but not as a diplomat. In that way, she followed the Tudjman legacy where football defines nation identity

All this contributes this Croatia dream world club , where thrashed Argentina, made English to say to made “it’s not coming home” and if you the watched final misfortunes only coast of them defeated where most part of game they were the better side to the French but, but an own goal and absolutely shameful and disgrace penalty decision from the VAR contributed in their dreadful night. But Croatia and all other small nations story of success, love and passion for the game left us some of the memories and moments that to be live longer in any football crazy mind.





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