Still Judgemental!


Why still judgemental?  This probably happened to me when I was in class 7th. We had migrated from New Delhi to Jaipur due to my father’s transferable job.

The first day in my new school was going great until a girl asked me, “Which caste do you belong to?”. I was astonished for a moment. I was like, “Dude, are you asking me this kind of question?”. That was the time when I thought that such questions are asked by the elders with orthodox mentality. I never expected that a kid like me would ever ask such a question.

Alright, now coming to the point, asking about caste or religion is not a problem, but the major issue is when Indians consider themselves as the best judge when it comes to judging one’s character on the basis of one’s race and religion.


I have heard people saying, “Oh! He/she is [name of a caste]. He must be a miser.”
Being honest, I have even heard my near and dear ones speaking, “Trusting on the people of this religion is very difficult. Violence and betrayal are on their nerves.”


This evil is still deep-rooted in the Indian society. Even we, the so-called ‘modern youth of the country’, ‘the young Indians of the 21st century’ have acquired this quality from our respected elders. Is it hard for you to believe? After reading this, you might be thinking, “No, I’m very cool and such issues are not with me”. But let me tell you, my friend, you are wrong and I am going to prove it here.

Just be honest with yourself. When I mentioned the quality ‘miser’, didn’t you just think about the people of a particular caste who are known for not wasting their hard earned money on unnecessary stuff? We fools have literally tagged the community with this term, ignoring the fact that any one of us; I, you or anyone else can be a miser. And I am sure after listening to the words ‘Violence and Betrayal’ the name of a particular religion might have popped up in your mind. You know It’s all about being honest to yourself.

Hence, we are highly trapped inside the barriers created by us ‘the humans’. And somehow we need to untangle these entangled knots to set ourselves free from the trap. So this is a wake-up call, my countrymen! This is something that needs to be said.



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