State of Emergency

State of Emergency

Whenever we hear the word “Emergency”, It gives a fearing thrill to our ears. The same fear was felt by our country 3 times. It was in the form of National and State of emergency. The third State is the finance of the country. Luckily Such conditions have not arisen yet. Hence, The state of emergency is a situation which Government doesn’t want to face.

Types of Emergency in India

National Emergency

If there is a threat from other countries or militant groups to India or a certain part of it. So, The President can impose National Emergency under Article 352. Hence There can be a change of The federal system of government to a single unit. It consists of all three functions which include governance and law. All State money bills during this time will have to go through the Parliament for approval. Another point to note is that at the times of national emergency, the state has the right to take our all fundamental rights except the Right to life and personal liberty.

India witnessed it twice at the times of Indo-china and Indo-Pak war in the year 1962 and 1971 respectively.

State Emergency

This can be declared under Article 356 if the government collapses in a state and is seen as a ‘failure of constitutional machinery’ in that particular state. It is also known as ‘President’s Rule’. Almost every state in the country has gone through this procedure. It can be invoked for a period of six months and can last only for three years with parliamentary consent required every six months. The Governor usually administers the services in the name of the President.

The Only time, there was State of Emergency in India, It was back in 1977.

Financial Emergency

Under Article 360, if there is enough evidence to show that the financial status of the country is under threat, the President can declare an emergency. It remains enforced till he/she removes it. There will be a deduction in Salaries of different government employees and also all money bills require the President’s signature.


Army Against Riots
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This short and crisp information would be enough to know the different measures that our government can take at difficult times. Though knowing about various protocols in our governance is important, we wish that our country never faces any such condition that makes it look towards the protocol of emergencies.

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