Starting University in a New City? Here are the Things to Keep in Mind!

Life in a University

Starting university in a new city can be scary with thousands of thoughts flooding your mind. Meeting new people belonging to different cities, states, countries everyone, thinking the same thing what next? How to survive college? How to socialize? Etc.  But here are some tips that’ll help you go through the first few months.

1) First few days you’ll actually miss your parents:

However excited you may be forgetting the freedom and living life without rules, but you’ll realize that rules give your life a direction and the love you get from your parents, home-cooked food and the happiness you get at home is the best feeling.

Image Source: Homesick Students

2) Having the best friends group will take time:

It takes a time to know people and to get that right kind of a company whom you can blindly trust.

Finding Friends
Image Source: Finding Friends

3) You’ll learn how to eat anything and everything:

Mess and canteen food will make sure that you know how to digest everything.

Image Source: Learn to eat everything

4) Just have enough confidence when you apply to any ECAs:

Clubs, Council, core positions can be competitive with many rounds of interviews. So, Just have the right amount of confidence to get through it.

clubs & organisations
Image Source: Clubs & Organisations

4) Explore the new city alone for a change:

Go out alone. Take an auto. Go to local shops/flea markets shop alone. Hence, You’ll be surprised at how you can do it all without the company of anyone.

New City
Image Source: Exploring New City

5) You’ll meet craziest of the people:

Be it in the parties, classes or anywhere out, you will.

Crazy People
Image Source: Crazy People

6) Internals will be scary and externals well worst than boards:

Projects, assignments, tests of all subjects all at once are hectic and tiring but you’ll get used to it.

Image Source: Internals pressure

7) The struggle to maintain 75% attendance is real in University:

Attend all the classes in the beginning of the semester until your 75% attendance is complete. Don’t attend classes at all 😉

Class Attendance
Image Source: Class Attendance

8) Attending class while your hangover is completely cool:

This is going to happen at least once and teachers are generally chill so they won’t mind it either.

Image Source: Hangover

No matter how scary it may feel like in the beginning, a university in a new city is the best 3-4 years of your life you’ll ever experience. Friends, trips, parties, lectures, tests are the best things about college. So, don’t worry everyone is scared at first but it always turns out awesome in the end. Also, Maggi will be your best friend throughout college.

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