How To Start Loving Mondays

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Are you one of those people who’re always hoping to hear, “Monday has been cancelled, go back to sleep?”  Is your life motto something like, “Dear Monday, I want to break up I’m seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday. Sincerely, it’s not me, it’s you.” While you might have popular sentiments on your side, but let me tell you this: Mondays have been here for years and they’re here to stay. How much ever you might hate them, the truth is that you will have to face Mondays after every Sunday. So, the simplest way out of this is that you start loving Mondays. Find this task impossible? Well, read to to find three ways that might help you.

Stop Thinking About It: The first step to loving something is to stop hating it. Simply stop thinking about it. Delete all those “I hate Mondays” quotes from your phone and throw away those “I need an extra day between Sundays and Mondays ” posters. Write “I love Mondays” instead. I know, it might sound ridiculous and superficial at first glance, but after a few days, it will grow upon you.

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Love Your Work: A lot of people hate Mondays because they have to get back to work after a fun, work-free weekend. But, what if the situation is reversed? What if you’re so into your work that you revolt at any thought of taking a holiday? It is, Believe me, entirely possible. All you have to do is find some work you love and find some people you like. Now, imagine your work routine goes something like this. You wake up on Monday, eager to start on the project you’ve been dreaming about. You go to your office, where your colleagues are your closest friends. Hours pass by as you joke around and work together. And by the time the sun sets, you’ve taken a major step towards your collective dream. Would you hate Mondays anymore?

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Gift Yourself: Well, if everything else doesn’t work, you might want to try this. For every Monday that you ‘endure’ without hating it throughout the day, gift yourself. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A simple cup of coffee or five minutes for yourself will also do. Gradually, you will start looking forward to Mondays (because you’re actually looking forward to gifting yourself). And there will come a day when you will look forward to Mondays, regardless of the gifts.

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Mondays have been here for years and they will be here for years. Whether you like it or not, there will always be a Monday after a Sunday. So you might as well start liking Mondays.



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