Stand – Up Comedy in Exchange for Boring Safety Announcement on Flight


Those of you who have traveled by air will know how monotonous and boring the safety announcements can get, especially for someone who is a habitual air traveler. Very often than not, people choose to pay no heed to them. But this boring exercise was changed to something quite hilarious on a flight of  Frontier Airlines which flew from Orlando to Colorado Springs.

Daniel Sandberg, the flight attended of this flight who was also responsible for the safety announcements came out with something so funny that people are comparing it with stand – Up comedy at its best. Sandberg began his 3-minute comedy routine /safety announcement by introducing the two female flight attendants, responsible for emoting the instructions as his wife and mistress – to which crew, as well as the passengers, chuckled.

What left the passengers bursting with laughter was when he described the life vests as itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikinis. Without the teeny-weeny and polka dot bits. He also adds a friendly warning: “If by chance yours does not inflate, grab your neighbour and hold on for dear life.” in addition, there were child friendly jokes too – “Make sure to adjust your own mask before assisting your favorite child, another passenger or your husband who is definitely screaming louder than you are.”

The video of this performance was recorded by a passenger and have become quite viral since.


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