Sridevi के मृत्यु का रहस्य – Death Mystery of Sridevi


The sudden demise of Bollywood first female superstar Sridevi has sent shock waves across the country.It will be hard for her fans to forget her bright eyes, curly locks, and sprightly personality. But do we know the reason why Sridevi left us so soon, its the pressure to look good all the time?

As we all know that Sridevi has done many surgeries to look good to look ageless and this could the reason for her heart attack. Society demanded that she stay slimmer look younger and hence she has gone through with continuous surgeries.

There was a ​​​​constant pressure on her to keep her weight down, to make sure that her face has no wrinkle lines. And as per reports let us tell that Women are not prone to heart attacks that too at such a young age. And we can say that these surgeries could be a reason why she got a heart attack.

It is to be noted that about a month ago Sridevi’s lips caught the eyes of fans who speculated that she had gone under the knife and undergone a lip surgery. And now people are speculating that this surgery has gone wrong and one of the reasons for her demise.





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