Space Pollution Hindering Advancement

Space Pollution
  • Sudipt Agarwal

The new technological development has opened the way for astronomers to peer more deeply into the cosmos than ever before. The other side of the coin, though, has some bad news. The new technology can cause pollution that interferes and has the capability to hinder the work of the astronomers.

The annual meeting of American Astronomical Society had something on the agenda and came out with the warning that pollution could prevent astronomers from having a clear vision during the night sky. The worrisome factors include space debris, light pollution and radio waves and at the top of it the situation is deteriorating day by day.

The problem of this junk has the potential to damage or distort many existing assets and thus, this can’t be ignored at any cost. The waste can damage space telescopes; many can reflect light in one or more directions which can confuse the many observers across the globe using ground-based telescopes. A glint of light could be a distant star or may only just seem so from our earth but actually would be just a hunk of metallic junk causing the illusion.

“The worst is yet to come”, warns Patrick Seitzer, an astronomer at the University of Michigan. He also added, “We are going to double our catalogue (of debris) over the next twenty years.”

There are companies existing in the world regarding the aerospace sector who could be of great help to create and increase such big and important to address problems. For example, Boeing is one such company that has come forward with a plan. The company wants to launch a network of around three-thousand satellites. If there is a collision between any two of them, the probability of which can’t be ignored, it can cause the release of thousands of new pieces of debris.  




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