Sound: Changing Dynamics

  • Sudipt Agarwal 

 Sound has been defined as a form of energy but in a true sense, it has limits much beyond that. It is the medium of existence. Communication and music are two very important parts of anybody’s and everybody’s life which possess the potential to create wonders.

Sound in recent years has shown the world a darker side referred to as ‘Noise Pollution’ which is considered to be harmless but the actual reality is very much in disagreement with this myth. Noise can create stress, destroy concentration and thus, has the capability to cause great harm to mental health which can’t be neglected at any cost.

In a recent breakthrough, the sound has been in headlines for a separate reason which is very positive and has the calibre to change the dynamics of various processes going on in the world. A new ‘tractor beam’ has been found which can deviate large objects in mid-air using only sound.

                                             The waves of sound which changes altogether!

Researchers have been floating objects using sound but the size of the objects was always small. Deviating large objects, using sound, has always been a phantasy of many but was always considered far from reality.

As we say ‘Research is the gateway to future’, so is the reality, which can be modified by each new discovery or invention making the impossible, possible like never before.

This time sound has been chosen by destiny to make the world wonder how sound can be used to modify various operations happening today with the use of various forms of energy.

Sound definitely can transform the manner things happen in the future world and can contribute to a great extent in saving the energy lost during various processes taking place in the artificial world. The world can soon take the giant leap; the reason, of course, has always been with us, our hunger for innovation!


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