Sonakshi Sinha not singing at Justin Bieber’s concert; confirms after Twitter spat

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Justin Bieber is all set for his solo performance in India for the first time, as part of his worldwide Purpose tour. The singer is going to perform live on May 10 at the DY Patil Stadium. There is a rumor of Sonakshi Sinha to be one of the celebrities for opening acts.

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But the musicians from the industry did not like it including Kailash Kher and Armaan Malik. Kailash Kher in an interview said, “I read that a Canadian singer Justin Bieber is coming to India, and actress Sonakshi will be performing at the concert. But i think it doesn’t give a good message internationally. The people from outside India will think that Sonakshi must be a big singer in India. And then she will get concert offers from Canada, and then probably Sonakshi will laugh them off saying ‘I am not a singer but an actor’.”

Singer Armaan Malik had also showed his disappointment through a twitter statement. He tweeted the link of the article saying, ” I agree with @Kailashkher sir! Actors are actors & singers are singers. Leave the stage & mic to us, that’s our playground, not yours.”

After this tweet of Armaan Malik, Sonakshi responded by saying, “A secure artist would always encourage another artist to grow their skills and follow their dreams. Art in any form should not be suppressed.”

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After having a minor arguement  with singer Armaan Malik on Twitter , Sonakshi Sinha took Twitter to clear all the hullabaloo around the controversy. She clarified that she won’t be a part of Justin Bieber’s upcoming India tour.

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Sonakshi Sinha gave a statement in which she says, “Firstly i am not performing at the Bieber concert.  Secondly, I am an actor who loves music. I love to perform and sing. And if anyone has a problem with that, they can go and love themselves. Over and out.”

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Apart from this twitter fight, we should all focus on Justin Bieber’s Mumbai concert. Just 12 more days and all the Beliebers of the country will unite to showcase their love for the singing sensation..JUSTIN BIEBER

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