Someone Remembers- The Wrist Watches


It has been decades since the need to wear wrist watches reduced. And this gradual reduction was a peaceful change to such an extent that a few years ago you would have hardly witnessed a group of people referring wristwatches to check the time. Most of them, including you, would prefer reaching out for your mobile phones kept in your pockets or stretch of a hand away to check about the timings.

The early years of the advent of wrist watches witnessed the great craze for wrist watches. That era with the wrist watches in trend, the world saw the small gadget becoming the rewards for extraordinary accomplishments in the academic, sports, professional and almost every other fields where one could compete and improve for better. A boy would be promised for the reward of a wristwatch for a scoring 1st division in his matric exams.

This would be the scene some 4-5 decades ago. But then just the technologies with their advancements replaced the telephones with the mobile ones, they also took over the wrist watches. And the trend and all the rage of wearing wristwatches went somewhere unknown. And the fashion saga of wearing watches to get a look at a man of trend came to an end.

But, the best part of this terminal was, that the end was temporary. The watch lovers couldn’t let their love die. And the wrist watches once again bounced back to claim their ownership. And you can now see the brands competing amongst themselves for better styles and looks. The crowd now demands the even better, latest and trendy wristwatches look superior among their pals. Not just superiority, there are various other factors that make the wrist watches even more essential and significant.

1- wrist watches are a convenient gadget that let us maintain punctuality that mobile phones do not let us perfectly manage.
2- the small gadget as small as a wristwatch is far more functional and easier to manage with, especially in comparison with mobile phones that are needed to charge after every few hours while a small charged battery of the watch does not bother us for months.
3- they provide simplicity. The best brands in their watches do not use latest clockwork technologies. They are the best examples to depict simplicity that you can rely upon everytime when your mobile phone runs out of power.
4- wrist watches are a symbol of craftsmanship. They are not just the mere gadgets that are the timekeeper. They are an encased example of craftsman gorgeous showpiece.

A watch is not just about telling time, it is about a man’s relationship with time. Its a teacher that teaches us the best lessons of life. It’s a friend that matters above everything for everybody. It’s a reminder that time is limited. As the line goes on, ‘boys look at their smartphones to check time; men look at a watch.’ It’s not just a fashion trend but, a mark of an engaged person who does not know to waste time and that the time matters to him. The wrist watches can change, get advanced but, can never be eliminated from our lives.

Because of an ideal thing:
Can change
Can get advanced
Can get disappeared
Can never die.


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