What’s with the new Uber Lite?


Uber Lite is a slimmed down version of the ride-sharing service for India.The phrase one size fits all may be accurate in some accurate circumstances,but it definitely isn’t true when it comes to software. Uber bets on developing world growth with low data uber lite.The transportation giant already sees 75 million riders per month and 15 million rides per day.But to grow in the developing,it  had to rethink its app to work on the oldest phones slowest networks.

Compared to 181 megabyte standard version,Uber Lite is a lot easier fro any low storage phones to handle. Uber Lite launches not to a map or a text entry box,but instead a suggested nearby business or landmark based on your GPS.”You have to do less typing and more tapping”.It also tries guess your destination based on pre-cached popular city spots.You can input addresses,but Uber Lite won’t load data-heavy map unless you purposefully grab for it.’ Tap for Map’.

Uber has been working on spreading its presence to these new and emerging market and has found that slow performance of their application has caused many to look elsewhere.So the company has announced a new pilot program fro their uber lite application in the country of India.  The new application weighs only 5 MB in size and ahs proven to work well on networks.So basically you delete three selfies and you have a space for Uber Lite.

To reach its full potential,Uber has to start out competing homegrown competitors.Sources say that Uber Lite didn’t come from stripping down the main app,but building it up from scratch.

Sure, an application developer could code something that performs well on all imaginable hardware,but the they have to cut back on features,which in turn can degrade the overall user experience of a product or service.The same can said with fully featured applications that are trying to run on low power hardware as the performance always becomes an issue.Aware developers are becoming more and more aware of this to the point where they are releasing “lite” versions of their apps for select markets. Uber lite is the latest to join in on this initiative.


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