Sociopath v/s Psychopath


Mentioned afore are the two alike terms which are poles apart. The may seem similar but are actually not. People often get confused between sociopath and psychopath. Today, I had come up with a piece that would help you understand the difference between the two similar yet different terms. Let’s get started with a simple definition followed by the differences amidst them.

A sociopath is a person suffering from a kind of personality disorder that makes him quite antisocial in his behaviour and attitude towards others. He becomes an introvert and starts avoiding any social call.

A psychopath, on the other hand, is a person suffering from the chronic mental instability of abnormal, aggressive social behaviour. Both sociopathic and psychopathic types of people suffer have the anti-social behaviour but the former one isn’t as aggressive and violent an the former one.

In short, the thing is just that, a psychopath is always a sociopath but a sociopath need not always be a psychopath. The two mental disorders though do share some common traits and symptoms, but as per the psychiatrists, the psychopathy is taken as a more severe disorder than the sociopathy.

Not that you know the definition of the words entitled, let’s now see what are some major differences between the two.

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  •  The first difference amidst the two is the ability to bond themselves to others. Sociopaths may develop a kind of soft social corner in their minds (the probable people may include family members, close relatives and friends) while psychopaths cannot manage to form bonds with others.
  • In sociopaths, the antisocial behaviour may gradually decrease with the span of time, but this possibility may not be true for the psychopaths.
  •  Mentally sociopaths ain’t as organised as the psychopaths. The former are less organised in their demeanour and can be arisen into anger easily, while the latter are well organised in their thoughts and behaviour. They have good control over their emotions and physical actions. Even while attempting the most dangerous crimes, the psychopaths are aware of what they are doing and that their act is wrong, but do not care.
  •  People suffering from both the disorders are likely to involve in heinous crimes, but the sociopaths are less likely to commit crimes against someone they are mentally attached or bond to.
  •  The lack and presence of conscience in the people suffering from sociopathy and psychopathy is another difference between the two. A sociopath usually has a meek though the presence of conscience in them. They would feel bad and guilty for doing something wrong to you. But, this conscience isn’t strong enough to stop or modify their course of actions.
  • While a psychopath does not have a conscience. He would feel anything in doing something wrong to you. But, he can always observe and copy others. He would act like others so as to avoid being caught.
  •  In the cinema, sociopaths and psychopaths are often picturised as psycho criminals and villains who are sadists. They are seen finding pleasure in torturing innocents. But the reality isn’t so.
  • In reality, most of them aren’t like that. Some may be violent but the majority isn’t such. They rather use reckless and rude behaviour, they use manipulations to get things done the way want them to be.
  • Psychopaths are usually cold-hearted. It’s not an easy task to spot them in a crowd because they are damn intelligent and sharp minded. They mimic people quite well and may easily mislead you for their benefits and pleasures.
  • Sociopaths are simple and keep it clear about themselves not being interested in you. They put blames on others for anything that they do. Experts call sociopaths ‘hot-headed.’

So, mentioned afore are some of the major differences amidst the sociopaths and psychopaths. I hope that my this piece of work would help you understand the difference between the two. I also hope that now you wouldn’t get confused in the usage of where should which word be used.


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