Harshit Karnwal
HR Manager
Currently, The Human Resource Manager @ The Social Rush & Content Publisher @ ExpressPoint, Mr.Harshit Karnwal brings the right personnel on the team board and makes sure the content is Read More
Nikhil Tiwari
Sub Editor
Sub -Editor & Executive @ The Social Rush, Mr.Nikhil is an eminent English communicator, rapper, anchor & what not!  Wait for his swaggy write-ups which are sure to blow your Read More
Jitendra Pandey
Mr.Jitendra Pandey – a prolific writer of English & Hindi, translator and activist. He is currently the Input Consultant @ Express Point and Managing Editor/Columnist @ The Social Rush, so Read More
Chief Editor
Miss Smriti is a prolific journalist, writer, publisher and is the Chief Editor: The Social Rush and with the earlier association as news content writer @ Express Point. Here she Read More